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Running with finishers
Learn to succeed at anything

Over 25 years ago Mikal found himself in place where he felt stuck. The world was moving and people were growing around him but he felt that he was being left behind. Then he met a person who through one conversation changed his life. Even though it was a small change that led to a small success it turned the light bulb on! Since that day Mikal has continued to find these types of people. He calls them FINISHERS!

Mikal has trained in front of audiences of a few people to over 20,000 people on the art of creating a plan for success.

What is the key essential to success? Finishing what you start! It is not about having the perfect plan, or having the best skills. It is truly about starting on the journey to success and making sure you keep finding a way to FINISH. Are you looking to create wealth, a happy marriage, great family, strong faith, or business success? Let Mikal share with you how to FINISH!

There are so many lessons to be learned in each chapter of this book. The goal is to help you learn to finish in key areas of your life. This is not just a HOW TO manual but a WHY TO manifesto. This is a blueprint for success to those looking to achieve more in their lives.

Anyone one can start. You know many people that start things all the time. Some people only get past the talking phase, some actually write a few things down and do a little Internet research. But how many actually get it in, make the plans, meet the right people and start the journey. It is about 20%. Of that 20% that start only 3-5% actually finish!

So the mission of this book is simple. Help more people finish their goals. This book is like your co-pilot helping to navigate the route to the finish line. Enjoy

Success Book: Running With Finishers By Mikal Mekki


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